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Bjørkøya is located between Sandøya and Siktesøya and has regular ferry connections throughout the year.

Herøya Arbeiderforening has owned large parts of the island since the 1950s, offering both rental cabins and summer café open for school holidays.

Cabins can be rented on a weekend and weekly basis throughout the year. Contact Herøya Workers' Association at

or by email  (all year) or contact the caretaker on telephone + 47970 32 272 (July and August)

Large parts of the island are relatively flat with many nice trails and cycle paths, and the good opportunities to get around the central parts of the island with a wheelchair.
On the west side of the island there are many idyllic beaches. There are good opportunities for tenting on the island, and there is public toilet and drinking water available in the park-like area that is worked near the cafe and ferry port.

It is good for guest visitors to visitors in their own boat.

In recent years, Herøya Arbeiderforening has devoted considerable resources to rusting the island, and paths, turf roads and forest areas are cleared and made available.  In the fall a mushroom trip to Bjørkøya is recommended.

There are good fishing opportunities on the island, and the sea trout often draws into the shallow areas along land.

The island has previously had permanent settlements, but neither the main farm nor any of the small farms used to farm and fish have longer settlements, but have become an idyllic holiday home.

There are over 70 private cabins on Bjørkøya, without the beach areas being inaccessible. Herøya Arbeiderforening sells through the company Bjørkøya development west-facing and sunny cabins with sea views on the island.

The island has previously had natural ice production, and in the center of the island there are remains of the dam to the northern ice pond, while the southern pond is intact and is called "Vanliljedammen". This pond close to the turret is a beautiful sight in summer and here many different bird species. The southern part of Bjørkøya is called Risøya, and was previously separated from Bjørkøya with a narrow whale that is now germinated.

There are many nice bathing and fishing opportunities on the rocky mountains on the southeastern part of Risøya.

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